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AMMP-RRG's Risk Retention Methodology


Pool information, rewards and risks with the best

Risk Retention Group advantage

Risk Retention means you're not just a clients you're a partner in an emerging financial innovation, tied into the provenance style of "step by step" reporting of the "blockchain" distributed application for medical research's "big data".  


With clients as patients and pharma suppliers, we work across this program with both physicians and real estate financiers through, with property interests including Desert Hot Springs and other properties emphasizing cultivation of medical resources.

Your membership in the Risk Retention Group means that you have your own financial interest in the success of your company.  Just as the information we  accumulate becomes part of a "big data" and "clinical trials" application, your net proceeds become a part of your pecuniary interest in your own insurance "capital account", reflecting your share of the collective success of your "best practices" enterprise.

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Pioneering a new generation of Pain Management

Shaking Hands

In addition to patients and pharma suppliers, American Medical Marijuana Partners have invited members of the Synoptic Clinical trials (as well as the American Medical Marijuana Patients Group and the Synoptic Clinical Trials).


The Synoptic Clinical trials ( on the cutting edge of Pain Management is a membership driven association, focusing on providing physicians with the resources they need to safely and effectively utilize medical marijuana recommendations as an alternative treatment modality for their patients.


Advanced Cannabinoid Scientific Development

Safety is the highest priority when developing products for effective homeopathic remedies of any kind. We use third-party lab testing at every stage of development from the farm to the laboratory and packaging. All lab test results will be published and available for all participants. Currently, Cannabis-based medications and delivery systems suffer from a lack of development that would enable patients access to medically viable options. We aim to address both concerns.


AMMP-RRG's unique approach

Pool information, rewards and risks with the best.

We all know that pooling our resources gives us the advantage of "cognitive dissonance".  By pooling our information with both patients and suppliers, product manufacturers and cultivators, gives us more information from which to draw a greater understanding of this new adventure in pain mitigation.


Our insights into asset protection, risk retention and other forms of leverage include access to Advanced Markets information about banking, insurance, executive compensation, charitable giving and a variety of other subjects.  And, while you help maintain co-control of the assets in our risk retention pools, you have the opportunity to participate in many of the investment opportunities facing our Re-Insurance company.  It's not just the asset of some faceless insurance monolith -- it's part of a legacy that you're helping to create.


Provenance and Big Data

The "clinical trials" aspect of CBD will become increasingly important, and our ability to collect and analyze data must grow as quickly.


Starting with D.App (distributed application) technology, we have the ability to track both product and the results of our prescriptions to our clients.  


The information that is essential to Institutional Review Board process to create a real time data base transparently, where observations and results of tests can be transferred to the "block chain" instantaneously for updated data analysis.

Lab Experiment


Physicians' Practice Management


We have a wealth of experience between us, and even in an area of innovation, there are a lot of things we can apply from the opioid past to the cannabidiol future.

Clinical trials require informed consent and waivers of some liability.  The more quickly we can establish "best practices", the sooner we can advance our understanding of pain management.



Reporting will enter our big data warehouse instantaneously, so finding reports and sources will be a natural part of our growth. 


The full 55-point clinical trial reports will be encoded permanently in the "blockchain" for our edification. 


A permanent record of dosages, usages and results will grow at the speed of light towards an informed, fully transparent, completely accountable goal for our practices.

We will be able to share both the clinical trial research results as well as big data inputs from patients and suppliers of medical resources.



       Risk Retention mitigation against risk involves both superior strategy on a pooled basis, and value enhancement on an asset portfolio basis.  Your ability to participate in the enhancement of your own success through private cells with your share of assets and profits means that you can derive additional benefits from your business acumen.


New clinical trial information means new risks.

Your insurance company makes money by collecting premiums and not paying benefits.  As a collective of professionally mutually insured through risk retention, we endeavor to provide the best possible service by treating the professional community as our partners in improved.


We believe in the value of our observations and expanding knowledge, and your membership will include not only the legal protection against claims, but also the ability to profit by understanding and adhering to "best practices", and then repeating the benefit of reduced claims.  Better service is good for our patients, and helps us maximize the value of our Risk Retention Group cells to our members.

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Team High Five


A portion of your risk allocation is shared in the general accounts of the enterprise, and a portion is left to your personal investment.  So, with your personal share, your will have the transparency of a defined benefit or defined contribution plan, including real time information on the status of claims, both against the collective capital account and  your own cell.


It's no secret that insurance companies make money at the expense of their insureds, and that's what makes them profitable.  With Risk Retention, you share in the net profits, with an allocation of 25% of your net profits to your cell, and 50% of your shared net profits to your group.  

This also happens "on the block chain", but through the tokenized assets of your re-insurance pools.

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